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Lorem Ipsum: The Next Generation

A package written by Ben Friedland
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RikerIpsum is a package for generating random text (like Lorem Ipsum)

Written by Ben Friedland

Generates random text using real English - taken from random samplings of the entire catalog of dialog spoken by Commander William Riker in every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Useful for provisioning sample data to test a DB, or creating filler text for a design.

Since the entire catalog of dialog from every episode is included, endless possibilites of gibberish can be expected.

Try a Demo

Installation is easy:

$ pip install rikeripsum

Then launch a python shell, and try it out:

>>> from rikeripsum import rikeripsum
>>> rikeripsum.generate_paragraph()
"Uh... Wil, sir. It matches my mood. Empty. 
Love to stay in -- but not with these cards. 
Riker to Enterprise -- do you read? And your 
position in this, Captain? Hold it, Aaron! 
Hypothetically speaking. I haven't. I am 
simply trying to get you to understand. The Bynars!"

>>> # or we could just generate a single sentence
>>> rikeripsum.generate_sentence()
'Yes, sir.'

>>> # or we could request a sentence with six words
>>> rikeripsum.generate_sentence(word_count=6)
"That phaser's set to kill, Captain."


This project is hosted on GitHub. If you think you can make it beter, feel free to open an issue or make the modifications yourself and create a pull request. I'll respond to all requests.

If you just want to work on something tackle one of the open issues.

Support or Contact

Contact me at Feel free to create issues or feature requests on the GitHub page.